Broken Pipes

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Did your pipes in your house or building break?

People don't realize how much damage water can cause. If it's a broken pipe in your property or someone else's broken pipe and the water wound up in your property, you still need to file an insurance claim.

That's where we come in. Your Insurance company will try to delay, not pay or pay a minimum amount of money so you will go away. That's why you need to hire a Public Adjuster. We handle all the hours of phone calls and paper work and more importantly make sure you are brought back to whole.

Call the Long Island Public Adusters if you suffer a Broken Pipe.

For broken pipes in your house, Condo, building or factory, call us now. We will come in review the damages with you and recommend what your next steps should be.

If you want, we can bring restoration and mitigation companies to deal with the mess and water clean up so you don't have to. We only get paid after you get paid.

Broken Pipes

There are many different types of pipes that can break. They will all cause some type of water damage. If one of your pipes break the first thing to do after shutting your water off is access your property damage and decide if you need to file a property insurance claim based on your broken pipe.

Water damage from broken pipes causes a lot of damage that is not first visible to a person who does not have the experience of dealing with these types of property claims. The best thing to do is call a Public Adjuster. We will come to your property access the damage and recommend the next steps. We work with many experts in the field who have the experience to fix your broken pipe and remediate the damage.

As Public Adjusters we charge nothing up front. We only get paid after your get paid and it's a small percentage of your property damage claim. With our experience we will usually get you more then if you try to handle the claim yourself. Remember you adjuster that's sent in by the insurance carrier is there to represent the carrier. When we are hired by you we represent you as the property owner and you only. It pays to call us as your Local Public Adjusters.