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Even as a renter or tenant its important you have the proper insurance coverage. If your building, house or apartment suffers a fire or your neighbor above suffers a pipe break it's going to be your contents that get's damaged. With the proper renter - tenant insurance you should be covered.

With that said. If you do suffer some type of damage as a renter - tenant you still need a public adjuster to handle the claim for you. The insurance companies are experts at what they do so you need an expert on your side to process your claim and make sure you receive the maximum settlement.

As a public adjuster we fight for you the policy holder. We do not represent the insurance companies. We make sure your claim is processed properly, relieving you of hours of work and headaches and more importantly we make sure you are not underpaid by your insurance company for your claim.

So any type of property damage?

You're calling your claims department from your insurance company?

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With any type of property loss, you need someone protecting your interests. As Long Island Public Adjusters that's what we do.

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